Howdy pardner! Thanks fer moseyin' on over to check out our mighty fine game. Have a gander at these here excitin' features:
  • Multiplayer online tactical strategy game in a 3D Wild West setting, yee haw!
  • Fast-paced hybrid of turn-based and realtime strategy gameplay with a healthy helpin' of rootin' tootin' antics!
  • Dozens of unique units, hundreds of special playfields and over ten wild and crazy gameplay scenarios!
  • Customizable avatars and collectable badges let you show them city folk that you know how to handle yer dogies!
  • Collect and customize Big Shot units that complement your play style whether ya like to take yer sweet time or go in guns ablazin'!

Meet a few of the able hands you'll recruit as ya blaze a trail to victory:

Players progress through five unique and exciting Wild West towns. Each town introduces new units, new gameplay scenarios, new special items and more!

Frontier Town
  • Try yer hand at the claim jumping, cattle herding, and gold rush gameplay scenarios!
  • Recruit the Cavalry, Tactician and Old Codger to your team of Big Shots and see which one ya like best!
  • Watch out fer buffalo stampedes and stay off the tracks when the train comes rollin' down the line!
Boom Town
  • Sabotage your opponents in the tunnels of a mineshaft or play horse hockey on the Steam Mustang Factory floor!
  • Recover wrecked units with the Tinkerer and blow them up again with the Prospector!
  • Hop in a mine cart and glide around the board to flank opposing units.

With more fun and excitement in the Indian Trading Post, the Ghost Town and the City of Gold!