Howdy pardner, here are some of the frequently asked questions asnwered:

What sorta game is it?

We like to call it a multiplayer online tactical strategy game, but all them fancy syllables don't say a whole lot to some folks, so we put together an overview of the game that does a better job of explainin'.

When can I play it?

Right now pardner! We're live so just mosey on over to the download page to get started.

How much will it cost?

Bang! Howdy™ is downloadable for free over Steam and free to play with no signup or recurring subscription fee. Players can buy Big Shot units, game items and train tickets to new towns using our in-game microcurrency, but you don't gotta buy nothin'.

Will it work on my computer?

Our game currently only works with Windows. A graphics accelerator is required but not a real fancy one. Exact system requirements can be seen on the download page.

I have installation problems, how do i get help?

For now the only way to reach us and get help is via our Discord. Soon we will implement a direct live-chat in the site, but for now that is the only way.

I need help with the game mechanics, where can i find it?

You can first check the Tips Page which is currently in development. If you have any questions you can ask them in the discord. We have a small, yet very friendly community ready to help you!