Gold Rush
There are a heap of different Gameplay Scenarios to keep things interestin'. In Gold Rush players compete to collect Gold Nuggets from around the board and get them back to their Steam Tank before they get shot up by their opponents. On top of that we got Cattle Rustlin', Claim Jumpin' and Land Grab!
Steam Gunman
Players choose from a gaggle o' different Units when fieldin' their team. Units differ in their basic abilities, bonuses and penalties versus other types of units and some have unique powers. This here Steam Gunman is a good all around unit with long movement range and attack bonuses versus Human and Range units.
Hollow Point
Players can bring up to three Cards into a game and can pick up new cards and bonuses from the board during the game. Cards and Bonuses have one time effects that a player can use to their strategic advantage or just to mix things up a bit. This here Hollow Point Card gives a unit a 30% attack bonus.
Cow Poke
As players play games and rack up experience, they qualify for a variety of different Badges. Some are easy to come by, like this here Cowpoke badge which ya get after playin' 50 ranked games. Others take a bit more skill: win fifteen ranked games in a row to get the Steamroller or score more than 500 points in a single round to get the Big Winner. With over 100 badges it's no small challenge to collect them all.