Forest Guardians
Three new Scenarios introduce variations on the gameplay. Forest Guardians is a cooperative scenario where players work together to defend tiny saplings from an onslaught of vicious Logging Robots. Help the trees to grow and fend off wave after wave of Robot Attacks. Then go check out Wendigo Attack and Totem Building, two more new gameplay scenarios.
Storm Caller
There are three new Big Shot Units and four new regular Units. The Storm Caller is a new Big Shot with the ability to call down a Lightning Strike on his opponents which chains to anyone unfortunate enough to be standin' next to 'em. Head into The Ranch to learn about the Trickster Raven and the Revolutionary, two more new Big Shots.
Eagle Eye
There are over fifteen new Cards and Bonuses in Indian Trading Post. The Eagle Eye card increases the attack distance of the unit on which it is played by one. Head on in to the General Store to find out about the other new cards like Firestarter, Snake Bite, Peace Pipe and the Underdog Soldier.
War Bonnet
You'll be greeted with dozens of new Hats, Outfits and Indian Face Paints that you can use to make the fanciest dang avatar ever to set foot this side of the Pecos River. This War Bonnet will send yer opponents runnin' in fear long before you show 'em the skills you used to earn it.